Arbitrage Investment Club

What is it?

Founded in 2020, The Arbitrage Investment Club allows 25 members to invest a minimum of $50,000 to earn a weekly return on their money. The captial gains earned weekly is divided among the members based on each member's contribution. The higher the contribution of the member, the more they will recieve in return.

Arbitrage handles all of the investing and trading fees so that members can sit back, relax and enjoy watching the money grow.


How Do I Become A Member?

  • Club Contribution

    There is minimum $50,000 contribution required to join the club. There is max contribution of $400,000 for any one member.

  • Membership Fee

    There is an annual club fee that will be assessed on the anniversary of your join date. The fee will be based on your contribution size.

  • Fund Access

    Member funds are never locked away completely. Club Members will always have access to the contributions and dividends made to the club. Club administrators require a notice by the 5th of any month for withdrawls.

Let's Grow Together

The longest journey begins with a single footstep! The Arbitrage Investment Club is waiting for you! Join us in creating a world where we can all STOP WATCHING and START LIVING!